About Cheri

Welcome! My name is Cheri.

I have a knack…no, actually…an all out obsession for shopping (I mean… scouring) the internet for the most clever, off-the-beaten-path, brilliantly unique, funny and meaningful gifts…


I like to call them, “Gifts with Swagger”!


Let’s face it, finding the perfect gift for someone is hit or miss, and more often than not, people miss. Are you with me on this?

~ If you’re the type that gift ideas flow to easily and shopping is a breeze, then you’re a unicorn and I love you! Keep that up.

~ If gift cards are your strategy…you’ve got it made in the shade! Put your feet up.

~ If you’re the one who wracks your brain, searches online, asks your friends for ideas, still can’t find anything, procrastinates, panics a little, and ends up with, quite possibly,

the lamest gift ever…I get you!


It’s no wonder people reach a tipping point and finally just declare, “I AM THE WORST GIFT GIVER EVER!”.


The truth is, I think we all LOVE giving those “knock your socks off” gifts to people. We LOVE seeing their face light up from the clever, funny and thoughtful gift, and we love the memory of that moment. Am I right?


For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, stay with me here, there is hope.


GiftSwagger.com is my curated collection of gift ideas, tips and tricks for making ANYONE the hands-down, most jaw-dropping, coveted gift giver of all time!

Uplevel your gift-giving game and come get your Swagger on!



Founder of Gift Swagger



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